Been working with
Nadezhda Savova and Raymond Olive on building a mobile bread house,

part of the
mobile bread house network
making,baking and breaking bread for peace and understanding

Saving the World 1 Loaf at a Time!

2013-05-25 13.59.30.jpg
2013-05-25 12.14.41.jpg
Doughdles , yes i went there..
2013-05-25 13.25.27.jpg

Pics of works in progress....

2013-05-19 12.37.20.jpg
2013-05-17 15.28.38.jpg
work in progress, through the portal

2013-05-24 23.06.19.jpg
B box , now with Boo handle

The B box,
if what u r looking for ain't there
i guess we gotta keep looking...
2013-06-05 14.19.57.jpgrocket stove2013-06-13 14.13.17.jpgthanks to Ron Lessard
and Tony Jones

2013-06-15 14.30.45.jpg2013-06-11 15.36.50.jpg2013-06-14 20.30.25.jpg2013-06-15 20.57.41.jpg2013-06-16 10.39.02.jpg

Speaking of Thanks
would like give a shout out to all who helped make this a reality:
Raymond Olive
Glenn Moore
Francine Besselaar
SAGE Coalition,Ghandi Garden
,Russ from Onyx,Tiffany from Terracycle
Catherine Peters,Ralph and Judith Abrams
Bent spoon
Small world coffee
Art All Night
has come and gone
A well attended, fun exciting event.
Good to see what we can do when we try.