The B Home

B Homes are art-spaces. We take industrial byproducts like shipping pallets, tires, discarded wood, combine them with stuff we find around town, like bamboo and old wine bottles, and make unique spaces for people to exist in. Whether you're interested in playing a game of cards, enjoying lunch, swinging on a hammock, or rolling around in a giant hexagon-shaped hamster wheel, we've got a B Home for you. Our goal is to explore the possibility of what can be done with these hexagonal spaces. Ultimately, we hope to provide them as shelters for disaster relief and low-income situations. We are currently offering B Homes as benches for public and private places, as well as chill spots and VIP sections for festivals and other events. Click on the contact link to get in touch with us!



Jilly B in Belle Mead
"The Chess Shack"

"The Hexeebo"

"The B Bench"(older version shown here)

"The Peace Bench"

"the Mobile Bread House" and similar mobile shelters
2013-06-21 18.23.15.jpg

All models include free delivery and installation within 10 miles of Trenton, NJ.
For sales, contact artist Peter Abrams.

News & Events

A Sustainable Sculpture Installation at 307 North Clinton ave.

Bringing the concept of sustainable structures back to Trenton.
Figuring if ever there was a place to throw stuff at the wall,
It would be in a town like this.
works in progress

alternate side of alternate side parking

A Sustainable Sculpture Installation at D&R Greenway

The B Home Project is a functional art installation featuring uniquely shaped dwellings built using sustainable building practices. A project by Pete Abrams and Graham Apgar, the "B Homes" are built to serve various functions in community building including everything from disaster relief to ecotourism to alternative dwellings for under served populations. The structures are built from shipping pallets and other post industrial and discarded materials such as bamboo, steel pipes, tires, etc. Currently on view at the D&R Greenway are several "B Homes": the mobile bread house (a transportable bakery and community gathering space), a chess shack, the flying hammock, and the "spinning pupa" (the latest B Home utilizing a new rotating wrapping technique for insulation).

We are hosting open receptions at D&R Greenway to demonstrate the progress of the project every month on the full moon. We will have panel discussions, presentations and demonstrations on sustainable building and shelter systems. See below for information on the next event. The reception will take place at the Johnson Education Center, 1 Preservation Place (220 Rosedale Rd), Princeton, NJ 08540.

Please take a look at the Sculptures-in-progress and join us at our receptions! You can learn more about the project and events at this website and follow our progress at We are also on Facebook at


Recent Pictures

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2014-02-14 20.30.05.jpg
2013-09-06 17.11.07.jpg
2013-09-09 12.13.45.jpg

PSC summer 2016

triple_double_parklet_render (1).jpg
notu triple double b bench